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Online bookkeeping 

General information

Online bookkeeping will be developing most dynamically in the near future. We are planning through unique solutions like most automate the work of our office and most improve the work of our and our customers.

The, commonly called "Desktop Manager" allows you to view all kinds of accounting entries. There you can find among other things, information on tax liabilities, accounting reports and graphs. The advantage of the program is to import data into the Excel spreadsheet, and to PDF.

How to send documents? 

You can send us documents in two ways: by email or web page. 

From the date of June 1, 2016 we launched the ability to upload documents via an external web applications or by email. Since that time we have become Online Accounting Office. 

On May 16, 2017 we launched the INVOICES module for our clients. Wveryone has the ability to issue an invoice or account in both PLN and the foreign currencies. The added advantage is the ability to define your own templates, add logos and also create invoice cycles. The module also allowes you to send an invoice via email in a pdf file directly to the customer. 

Below you will find a link to the currently applicable solutions e-accounting module. 


In the box Company Code, enter: Konfiguracja

In the Login, enter: demo

In the Password, enter: Demo @ 123

Notice: databases "Demo" consist of data from January 1, 2011 until September 30, 2013

Access to online bookkeeping is available from Monday to Friday except holiday - hours 8.30 a.m. to 11.30 p.m.

The firs log in to the portal takes a little bit longer. 

Module:   Taxes and Social Security

The report includes:

  • declarations and advance tax payments deposited / paid every month or every quarter: Tax-7 and VAT-EU (with appendices VAT-EU / A and the VAT-EU / B), advances to: a flat-rate tax, PIT-36, PIT 36L, CIT-8, PIT-4R, PIT-8A; 
  • Intrastat declaration and annual declarations of employees: T-11 and T-40;
  • a ZUS DRA divided into contributions: social, health and the Labour Fund and Guaranteed Employee Benefits Fund.

Module:   HR and Payroll

The report includes:

  • a summary of the remuneration paid in that month, broken down by types of payments, eg. base salary, bonuses, allowances and so on;
  • a list of all employees and list owners with their contact details recorded in a database;
  • information on working time, absences in a given month as well as information about holiday limits of individual employees;
  • a list of employees, which in a given month is the deadline for the validity of the periodic medical examination shall lapse: a contract of employment and various privileges to practice at a particular workplace

Module:   Accounting

The report includes: 

  • a statement of revenue and expenses by category, eg. rents, office supplies, energy, salaries, etc. The data are advance payment divided into advances for income taxes and income / expenses / income / loss taken from these advances;
  • revenues, costs, income / loss on a monthly basis or calculated cumulatively since the beginning of the year. The data are presented in tabular and / or chart;
  • a list of invoices in the records of sales and purchases of VAT by category and divided into the VAT rate, along with the chart;
  • list of fixed assets and objects in the equipment

Module:   Dictionaries                    

The report includes:

  • the list of categories used to describe documents, for example. Categories: energy, office materials that can be made according to data filtering Accounting module;

  • a list of contractors, banks, offices and employees recorded in the database;

Module:   Administration             

The report includes:

  • With this level of the accounting office, every customer can define new and transmit the user-and the power to inspect the individual modules of the program.

If you need more information about e-Accounting please Contact Us