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Special Services

Special Services 

In this section, we focus on additional services not directly connected with the typical operations of an accounting office. Not every accounting office is engaged in settling the affairs of tenants’ associations, foundations, associations or calculating environmental fees. Often, one can also encounter models in which the settlement of real estate or VAT refunds are dealt with by tax consultants who charge high rates for these activities. e-Bros Accounting Office through its existing practises and co-operation with clients had decided to add this type of services on a permanent basis to its range of provided services. Due to the fact that the valuation of the services listed in this section depends on many factors, they are not included in the price list and each is agreed upon with the Client.

We offer:

  • Settling the affairs Foundations or Associations
  • Settling the affairs of Tenants' Assocuations or Housing - Operative
  • Calculating environmental fees
  • Settling the accounts from the sale of real estate

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