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W tym dziale prezentujemy porady z różnych dziedzin życia związanych z prowadzeniem działalności gospodarczej. Będą to poradniki podatkowe, księgowe, gospodarcze, a także liczne wzory formularzy potrzebnych przy prowadzeniu działalności gospodarczej. Mamy nadzieję, że materiały zgromadzone w tym miejscu znacznie ułatwią Państwu codzienną działalność. Niejednokrotnie również my będziemy odsyłać Państwa do druków i porad zaprezentowanych tutaj.

In this section we present advice on various areas of life related to business activity. They are guides on taxes, accounting, business as well as numerous forms required for conducting business. We hope that the materials collected here will significantly facilitate your day-to-day operations. Often we will ask our customers to refer to the forms and advice presented here.



    The ability to manage money competently is especially valuable quality in the conditions of financial crisis, when the purchasing power of the population is shrinking, inflation is rising, and currency exchange rates are completely unpredictable. Below are the common mistakes related to money affairs along with financial planning advice to help manage your own finances properly.

  • Search of staff is not an easy task. According to the departmental heads' of personnel management words, in order to find a personnel who will correspond to the relevant customer needs and requirements, it is necessary to carry out a great job.

  • Overalls bearing the company's logo are related to economy and practicality. A preference of corporate style involves a significant increase of costs for development of design solutions, customized tailoring, selection of necessary materials and so on.

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