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About Us

Why Us?

The Accounting Department consists of responsible and experienced employees whose passion is searching for optimal solutions combining creative accounting (focused on maximal tax optimalization, protecting the customer from excessive tax burdens) with conservative accounting (aimed at minimizing the tax risk).

Each company is comprehensively managed by one person, thus the service is more efficient and contact with the customer is more direct. Difficult issues and problems are collectively dealt with - we look for solutions by approaching the issue from different perspectives and we confront our opinions as well as the experience that each one of us has acquired during our proffesional practice so far. 

Our Benefits


We keep abreast of relevant trends and changes in technology and computer systems, accounting treatment, tax law, and financial management.



We treat each client with dignity and respect. We listen attentively to their goals and needs.


Our relationships with clients extend beyond financial recordkeeping and reporting. We help to develope their business.

Company Policy

In 2005 we began life as a small family accountancy office, since then we have continously invested in our Employees (i.e. recruitment, training and development) and modern computer systems. Today we pride ourselves on a group of many clients who are happy to recommend us to others.

It goes without saying that we have a policy of investment in the newest technology and computer systems which in turn makes our office efficient and productive. Thanks to our approach of continuous investment and improvement, we have succeeded in expanding our clients' database. 

We are flexible. We serve companies of a varied nature. We do not restrict our services to companies of particular type or selected industries. We always try to find the best possible way using a wide range of accounting programs tailored to the needs of the company. Foreign Companies are also offered services in foreign languages.

Tax Consultancy Services


Business Consultancy Services




Payroll Services



The team includes people who have acquired experience as a Chief Financial Officer (several years of practice for a foreign developer implementing "project finance"), an Internal Auditor (several years of practice in the financial department of an international travel company), an Independent Accountant and Human Resources Officer (more than 30-years of professional practice acquired in Polish companies with multiple profiles - production, development, sales and service).

We offer comprehensive accounting services form companies in terms of bookkeeping, tax revenue, and expense ledger as wel as tax on registerd income without deductible costs. Our customers receive consulting services for their business opertaions as well as online access to critical data and statistics as well as a free of charge added value. 

Who chooses us?

We provide services for Companies which value high quality and professionalism as well as focus on long-term relationships - just like we do. The e-Bros accounting office always has a "tailor-made" offer in order to meet all the accounting needs of the Customer. Our activities enable cost optimalization and improve performance. Time is money and we do the work entrusted to us in a timely manner, thus providing our Customers with the opportunity for tax optimalization. 

The e-Bros accounting office means easier operation in the sphere of domestic and international business.

"The impossible we do at once, the miraculous takes a little longer"!

Our Board of Directors

Rafał Kurabiowski

Chief Financial Officer, Business Strategic  Planner & Chartered Accountant

  +48 22 224 04 88


Anna Kurabiowska

Human Resources Officer

& Independent Accountant 

  +48 22 224 04 88


Marcin Kurabiowski

Internal Auditior

& Chartered Accountant

  +48 22 224 04 88


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